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Free Wedding Invitation Samples

Free Wedding Invitation Samples

First Steps

Getting married can seem to some, like a daunting task. There is so much to organise, so many people to tell, so many thinks to book! There are always lists upon lists of thing to do, items to tick off your ever growing list as well as keeping all and sundry happy, who are involved! And with anything wedding related being so expensive, you must feel like there’s no light at the end of the tunnel, or your bank account….but here at Syntego, we are offering you something FREE – yes free! We are a wedding stationery company who want to ensure you have the best of what we can offer, so we are giving you free wedding invitation samples so you can really try before you buy!

You choose the wedding invite you are liking the look of and we will send you a sample, even adding your names to the invitation so you get an exact idea of how it will look.

What to do next

Take a wander through our website. Choose the wedding invitation that is your favourite and make a note of the product code. Then go to the Order a Free Wedding Sample Page and fill in the details, including the product code that you have already chosen.

Then you will receive a true example of what your wedding invitation will look like, within a few days, so you can see exactly what it would look like with your names and details added.

We can’t wait to help make one aspect of your wedding easy to choose & easy to organise – the only hard bit will be choosing between all our lovely wedding invitations!

Our free wedding invitation samples prove very popular and our couples are far more likely to order their full wedding invites when they have seen an actual “real life” sample.



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