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Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

Stick with Syntego – We have made it easy!  Make your own Wedding Invitations (or DIY as known to some) have traditionally been the reserve of the creative and or the brave, finding quality card stock and then materials to decorate the chosen card stock has always been at best challenging.

Making the insert look professional was the most challenging part; many DIY wedding invitations looked…. well as if they were DIY, not well finished and rough around the edges.

We decided to make things better, and with the advent of home computers and printers you can now print high quality documents.

There is an amazing array of people offering their services to design and produce your Wedding Stationery for you and there are also the companies who offer pre-printed mass produced stationery which is in personal and frankly very expensive.

At Syntego we could see this wasn’t good enough so we decided to stock ranges of stunning quality designer wedding stationery, do not let the word designer put you off, you need to see the designs for yourself! All of our stationery includes everything you would need, matching quality inserts and even matching envelopes, even a step by step guide to make them! Eureka!!

We know most couples don’t want an average looking invitation and once again we at Syntego came up trumps, we have various ranges that our designers have put together especially for you.

When you place your order we will get your stationery delivered to your home quickly, all you will need to do is open the box and get ready to play, even at this stage we are still here to help you  produce invitations that look professional , just follow the four simple steps that below for making your own wedding invitations. Should you make a mistake printing the invitations, we also sell extra inserts!

If you would like to make your own wedding invitations please visit our designer gallery by clicking here

Please see some of our designs below to see the how easy it is to make your own invites

Make Your Own Wedding Invitations  Make Your Own Wedding Invitations Make Your Own Wedding Invitations

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