21 Pcs 5D DIY Assorted Christmas Diamond Art Keyrings by Numbers Kit



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  • 21 Pcs 5D DIY Assorted Christmas Diamond Art Keyrings by Numbers Kit for Adults & Kids, Round Crystal Single Sided Embroidery Rhinestone Craft Pendant for Keys, Gifts, Phone, Bag, Christmas Tree Ornament Numbers for Arts and Crafts
  • Includes 21 Assorted Christmas Design keyring templates, keyring chains, a diamond painting pen, a square of glue, a tray, and many different coloured quality diamond rhinestones
  • Size Varies for each keyring but theyre approximately 7cm x 6cm
  • Peel off the plastic layer to get a very sticky surface which ensures the diamonds are durable and will securely stay on
  • Single Sided
  • Easy to use: Simply press the pen into the glue square and one by one start sticking your diamonds to the corresponding numbers and watch it come to life!
  • Many Uses: Our 5D DIY diamond keyring kits are perfect to give to family and friends for any occasion (especially Christmas!) It can be clipped onto whatever you want such as backpack, shoulder bag, mobile phone strap, in the car, and can even be used as an ornament for your Christmas tree. Add bedazzle to anything!
  • Relaxing and Calming: Many people find diamond by numbers crafts very relaxing and calming for the mind as well as leaving you with an end product you can give away or bedazzle your belongings with.

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