Syntego 6pcs DIY Cute Assorted Flower Pot Crochet Kit for Beginners Adults with Step by Step Video Instructions



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  • 6pcs DIY Cute Assorted Flower Pot Beginner Crochet Kit for Beginners with step by step Video Instructions. Kit includes everything needed to complete the crochet kit.
  • Variety Pack: Multiple kits featuring diverse flower pot designs to keep things interesting. A crochet hook included in every kit, making it a complete package for those new to crochet.
  • Video and Paper Tutorials: Accessible video instructions included for each kit, guiding beginners through the entire crochet process. In addition to videos, detailed paper instructions provided for those who prefer a written guide.
  • Colourful Yarn Included: Each kit comes with vibrant and high-quality cotton yarn, perfectly matched to create beautiful flower pots. Step-by-Step Guidance: Clear step-by-step instructions ensure that beginners can follow along seamlessly.
  • Perfect Size: Small flower pot size approx. 11cm allows beginners to complete projects quickly and gain confidence in their crochet skills.
  • Ideal as a gift for craft enthusiasts, packaged attractively with all necessary materials. Skill Progression: Kits designed to help beginners gradually build skills with each project.
  • Reusable Patterns: Once mastered, the patterns can be reused for creating more flower pots or adapted for larger projects. Durable and Decorative: Finished flower pots can be used as decorative items or as thoughtful handmade gifts.

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